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Tuesday, 19 February 2019

Bello...!!! We are Minions

Good Day Reader :)
I know it is a really long time I have written. There are too many things happening currently in life and that's why I have really less time to write. Apologies for that.

I have a bunch of friends who happened to be Minion Fans just like me. There was a request to make Kevin and Stuart (characters from Minions movie). I decided to make quilled 3D minions. 

I thought of making Bob (mischievous and my favourite). Unfortunately, time did not permit. The friend who requested this Minion had to move out of the city and hence I had to finish it fast. But definitely, I will make Bob soon. I will post pictures of the same. 

Here are the pictures of Kevin and Stuart in search of Bob ;)

Stuart and Kevin

Here are a few more...

Stuart and Kevin with their favourite Bananas.....

Quilled BananaThanks for 

Thanks for stopping by..Happy Quilling :)

Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Quilled Calendar

Good Day Reader :)

The month of August.. one of the patriotic month :). The challenge theme on Indian Quilling Challenge group is "Incredible India".

India.. a diverse country where we have diversity in everything... So I wanted to show all the main elements in India which makes it Incredible.

I decided to make a Calendar.. I know it is very late to make a calendar.. But its okay.. I would reuse it next year with little changes or reuse it as memo pad.. something  like this.

Yes.. Re-usability.. new word I am thinking of every time these days ;)

So here you go with pictures

It is a Desk calendar and its a front view looks like this

Month Wise Image

Different elements of Incredible India - Closer Look

Indian Arts - Classical Music Instruments

Diverse Life - People, Fauna, Flora

Indian Monsoon 
Plough & Spinning Wheel - Indian Implements



Indian Economy

Indian Festivals 
Science, Machine - Growth in Modern Technology

Thanks for stopping by.. Happy Quilling :)

Linking to IQCG #29 Incredible India

Sunday, 24 July 2016

Painted earthen Diyas

Good Day Reader :)

I know it is a quite long time I have not posted anything here. There was really less time for blogging.

Today I am back with a painted earthen lamps (clay diya) as mentioned in my previous post here.

in south India the month of Shravan from Hindu calendar is treated as auspicious and it is kind of beginning of all the festive season.

Festival just reminded me of decorated house/pooja mandir and lots and lots of food.. slurp.. :D

Earthen lamps are integral part of any Poojas in olden days, Off late these are replaced with silver or brass lamps. But painted earthen lamps will add a rich look to the decoration along with their bright colours.

Here are few pictures from the collection of my painted Diyas.

Below are not so good pictures.. But Diyas were awesome in real

Below is one of them while painting

Below are done by my friends :) .. really awesome ones

one of painted Diya when lighted... not so good picture

This time I have also tried floating candle.. tea light holders.. it was fun making candle float in water with all glitters around

That's all for now :)

Thanks for stopping by.. and Happy Quilling and Painting :)

Saturday, 31 October 2015

It's Diya Time

Good Day Reader :)

As this season is festive season.. and one of my favourite festival Diwali is nearby. I feel very happy when we light different kind of candles and lamps everywhere and entire place will be light full.. colourful.. beautiful.. Oh... Yaaa.. Festive time is sweets time too ;)

For Diwali I thought to make Diya Rangoli this year with quilling. I also love to paint clay diyas.. so I thought I would use them in my Paper Rangoli. 

Centre is a big circular rangoli completely made up with quilling and I have decorated it with pearls and other embellishments

Border is with quilled Diya patterns decorated with glitter.

Four corners are mounted with small quilled circular rangolis with painted clay lamp on them. Lamps are also decorated with kundan stones.

Different views....

Hope you have liked it.. Few painted diyas would be coming up in my next post.

Thanks for stopping by.. Happy Quilling and Painting :)

Linking this to IQCG#21 - Make it Festive

Monday, 24 August 2015

Quilled Earrings and Pendant

Good Day Reader :)

You might have seen my few of quilled jewellery collection in my quilled earrings post here. There are few more from my collection. Here you go..

Loops and Jhumka pattern :

Floral Pattern :

i found this in one of the pins on Pinterest

i found this in one of the pins on Pinterest

i found this in one of the pins on Pinterest

Small hangings

Disk Earrings :

Floral Pendant

Indian Style 

Hope you like the designs and my work. 

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Quilling :)